goes full retard, says Mark Zuckerberg should be President… seriously

Forbes contributor Zara Stone has written an article titled “A Strong Argument For Mark Zuckerberg To Be President.” Stone is an immigrant who finds American politics to be extremely theatrical. She cites circus style debates, along with HBO’s Veep which used Melania Trump’s identical Michelle Obama speech as a storyline in Season 2, Episode 10. Stone is bewildered by both candidates posturing and the empty promises she claims they make, which are echoed by the American people. Stone points to studies that show 60 percent of Americans don’t know who controls the Senate and the House of Representatives, while 55 percent don’t know what GOP stands for.

If Donald Trump wins the election politics will be forever changed. While it makes sense for Donald Trump to be our leader, some see it as an opportunity for others like Mark Zuckerberg to forge a path to the White House in the future.

In the article, Stone wants us to hear her out. Here is some of her reasoning:

In eight years, Zuckerberg will be 40, he has an enormous reach, people trust him, he can fund his own campaign and millennials will be a large percentage of the voting public at that time. Zuckerberg has connected many people and he looks for ways to solve big problems. Zuckerberg has contributed $3 billion and pledged to end disease by year 2100 through the Chan-Zuckerburg Science initiative.

Zuckerberg works on other projects too, including building solar powered drones to provide internet access to developing countries and he heavily invested in education. He even created a fund teaching skills in Africa. In August he launched a free school with free Healthcare for students.

Zuckerberg’s career has had it’s downs though. He pledged $100 Million to Cory Booker for a test school in Newark test school that never came to be. Stone thinks the non traditional route to presidency can work for Zuckerberg. His public life has transparency. He’s been in movies, he supports gay rights, he promotes diversity and publicly empathizes with global events by creating Facebook profile filters.

Zuckerberg is also a family man which is a quality seen in the majority of presidents. His dog ‘Beast’ has 2 million likes and every president had a pet — the majority being dogs.

Trump sets the stage for non-traditional routes into president. This has Zara Stone all hyped up to nominate Zuckerberg. Although there would be some similarities to Trump, it’s still safe to laugh at the idea of Mark Zuckerberg running for President.


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