Health Ranger unleashes epic rant against tech giants’ censorship and attempted extermination of independent voices

The goal of the authoritarian tech giants is the complete extermination of all conservative voices from the internet.

Their ultimate goal, of course, is the actual (physical) extermination of conservatives through mass arrests, mass mass murder and the rounding up of any who oppose left-wing authoritarian tyranny. This is what communist / Marxist revolutions always look like. They start by silencing and marginalizing non-leftists, and they complete the takeover through mass murder and the criminalization of non-compliant individuals.

It’s not just about political views, either: It’s also about crushing any voices that threaten the establishment monopolies in medicine. YouTube has recently declared war on natural medicine, banning video channels for talking about the medicinal properties of cannabis and hemp extracts. This is no coincidence: Google and the other tech giants have all sold out to the pharmaceutical drug cartels and are attempting to silence advocates of natural medicine, nutritional healing and health freedom.

The radical Left wants to enslave us all under a system of techno-tyranny

It’s all connected, you see: The radical Left that wants to enslave us all under a system of techno-tyranny also wants to crush health freedom, forcing hundreds of millions of Americans to rely on high-profit prescription drugs to “manage” disease, rather than allowing people to prevent disease with nutrition, superfoods, raw foods or medicinal herbs. (See for more coverage.)

Ultimately, tech giants like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter despise human freedom and have declared war against the freedom to think.

Simultaneously, the radical Left is now openly calling for nationwide gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens; all carried out at gunpoint, of course, which makes a mockery of the whole idea. The Left truly believes that all guns should be monopolized in the hands of a corrupt, authoritarian government, while citizens are disarmed, censored, blacklisted off the internet and criminalized for disobeying the nefarious demands of left-wing tyrants who always end up resorting to government violence and coercion to get what they want. (Leftists have no legitimate concept of ideas like peace or freedom; they are all authoritarians at heart who believe that people must be forced by a violent government to do their bidding.)

As I ask in this video, below, in a society where the techno-tyrants have destroyed our First Amendment rights, and the radical Left is coming for your Second Amendment rights, and a tyrannical government has utterly obliterated your Fourth Amendment rights, what do we have left to lose by taking a stand?

They’re destroyed our First Amendment rights, and they’re coming for our Second Amendment… take a stand now or be silenced forever

It’s time for all true Americans to take a stand for the First, Second and Fourth Amendments by calling out the tyranny of the tech giants, demanding mass criminal arrests of deep state traitors, and demanding the arrest and imprisonment of the CEOs of monopoly-scale tech companies who systematically suppress the speech of independent voices. (Yes, the CEO of Facebook should be indicted and imprisoned, among others…)

Watch my full “epic rant” here, and see more Counterthink videos at

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